Consecutive Interpreting

This interpreting mode is mostly requested if a working group invites one or two speakers who do not speak the language of the group (e.g. at press conferences, brief workshops, interviews) and if the expense of a simultaneous installation seems relatively high.

In this case, the interpreter works from one foreign language (that of the speaker) into his/her mother tongue (that of the listeners), while taking notes and reproducing these at brief intervals in a somewhat concentrated form. This interpretation mode is used for short meetings only.

Good presentation and self-assurance are essential here as one frequently has to appear next to a well-known person (politician, celebrity, president of a party, company director, etc.). This mode of interpretation takes place without a microphone, headphones or an interpreting booth.

Liaison interpreting

Liaison interpreting is used at a conference table, in the courtroom, for interviews, during interrogations or inspections, among other things. Liaison interpreting works for two or three «listeners» and in two languages, going back and forth between their mother tongue and their foreign language, transmitting a few sentences from one language into the other. Liaison interpreting takes place without a microphone, headphones or an interpreter booth.