Voice-Over Dubbing Rates

Whenever a voice is needed to complete a production, the recording work in a studio is invoiced according to a BASE RATE per spot, per period of 5 minutes or per single minute, depending on the kind of production.


Visual spot for TV / Cinema / Internet / Stadium CHF 525.-
Audio spot for Radio / Stadium / DVD / Internet CHF 292.-
Narration (voice-over) for film / video / DVD / Internet / Podcast / Audio guide / Multimedia / POS
Up to 1 min, broadcasting in Switzerland CHF 292.-
Else, base rate of CHF 467.-
Lip-sync mode supplement + 25%

(CHF = ±1.05 Euro / ±1.15 $. Please check the daily rates)

MORE DETAILS on www.vps-asp.ch

The recording studio in which the voice dubber works send the final product to the client as a MP3 or a WAV file. They also invoice the customer directly for their time and work at approximately CHF 150.- to 300.- the hour.