Interpreting fees

Always per interpreter and per mission day

Simultaneous (with two) CHF 1 250.- 
(+ expenses)
Bidule and whisper interpreting 
(two interpreters per booth / language, each) 
(one interpreter working alone, 50 min. max)
CHF 1 250.- 
1 400.- 
(+ expenses)
R.I. mission, in simultaneous mode, from a computer, 2 interpreters,
max. 2 x 3 hours, per interpreter
CHF 1 300.-
R.I. mission, simultaneous mode, from a computer, alone,
max. 45 min., per interpreter
CHF 250.-
Consecutive interpreting (per assignment) CHF 1 400.- 
(+ expenses)
Liason interpreting (minimum rate for 2 hours) 

Each additional hour
CHF 400.- 
(+ expenses) 
Marketing research / "focus groups" in pairs in simultaneous mode without equipment CHF 950.-
Accompaniment to civil wedding ceremonies or notary and lawyer appointments
Flat fee for 3 hours presence,
1 meeting beforehand incl.
CHF 400.-
(+ expenses) 
Travel time allowance 
(if the interpreter has to travel the evening before or the day after the conference)
CHF according to destination
Allowances covers the interpreter's board and lodging expenses at the conference venue

(*When board and lodging are paid for by the conference organizer at the conference hotel.)
CHF 400.- 

Train 1st class / air fare (return ticket) from domicile to the conference venue   actual expenses
Organisation of interpreter teams, handling fee per event CHF 250.-

(CHF = ±1.05 Euro / ±1.15 $. Please check the daily rates)

Sample contract for Conference Interpreters Yve Delaquis in a booth

No charge is ever made for the interpreter's preparation time. This work is included in our fee, even if we need 4-5 days to prepare for the topic /s of a conference.

As soon as conference interpreters contracts have been drawn up and sent to the client, the interpreters are considered booked.

Within 10 days following the venue, according to the recruiting contract.